10-12 Homeless

We know that we are called to go and make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. But how can we MAKE disciples if we aren’t even sure of how to BE a disciple? During January and February the sermon topics will focus on “Being a Disciple.” We will take six disciplines and look at how the written word and the Word of God tells us how to live out those disciplines. Topics include Stewardship, Prayer, Sabbath-Keeping, Ministry/Mission, Obedience, and Worship.

Follow the Star

Follow the Star BannerThis year during the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany we will Follow the Star with the Wise Men as they travel to see baby Jesus. Join us in this journey during these seasons of expectation, arrival, and adoration. Everyone is welcome at all times of worship!

December 1 — HOPE

December 8 — SEARCH

December 15 — FOLLOW; the Word will be proclaimed through our Cantata, Bethlehem Morning

December 22 — BELIEVE

December 24 — REJOICE; at 5:00pm we will gather to sing Christmas carols at Mayview Nursing Home, then at 6:00pm we will gather at Wesley for our Christmas Eve candlelight service.

December 29 — COVENANT; we celebrate the arrival of Jesus with the Wesley Covenant Service

January 5 — WORSHIP

January 12 — BAPTIZE; a service of Baptismal Renewal

FALL FESTIVAL — Pumpkins, Animals, Food, and Gifts with a Purpose

animalsThe Blessing of the Animals has become a full-fledged festival this year! Join us on Saturday, October 12, from 9am-1pm for 4 hours packed with fun and purpose. Breakfast foods will be on sale, along with Pumpkins, as a church fundraiser. The Blessing of the Animals will take place on the lawn at 10am, lasting about 15 minutes. Inside will be the Gifts with a Purpose Market. Everything “purchased” at the market will help make a difference in the world. The vendors in the market will be:

Ten Thousand Villages, bringing their top selling items along with their wonderful coffee and chocolates. All items from Ten Thousand Villages are sold through a system of fair trade.

Habitat for Humanity will be here, taking donations for one of their A Brush with Kindness projects.

The Methodist Home for Children will collect donations for 1K for 1Kid.

Urban Ministries of Wake County will sell Christmas cards, decorated by a local artist from Greensboro, NC.

Stop Hunger Now will be here to receive donations to help stop hunger in our lifetime.pumpkins

Get your animals blessed, celebrate fall with a pumpkin, enjoy some good food — ham biscuits, grits, and more — and get started on your Christmas shopping knowing that each gift you buy, every donation made in honor of someone else, will change the world!

Social Principles Study

The Social what? The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church, that’s what. How often have you wondered what United Methodist believe about something that’s in the news? When you identify yourself as Methodist, do you think about what you are telling others about yourself? The Social Principles are found in the Book of Discipline of the UMC; however, they are not church law. So what are they? Guidelines for living as a socially aware Christian in the world. The Principles cover the natural world; the nurturing, social, economic, political, and world communities, and include our Social Creed. This study will give us the chance to talk about what our denomination believes and how we feel about it.

social principles

The study will start Wednesday, September 25, at 6pm. Bring your own dinner and come ready for discussion. Pastor Heather will have copies of the Social Principles for everyone who attends. Weekly attendance is suggested but not mandatory.


yard saleWho doesn’t love a YARD SALE? Donate items to the yard sale through the end of August. The Women of Wesley will price all items, so all you have to do is drop off your donations. Actual sale will be on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 8am-1pm. Included at the sale will be:

  • Antique Pump Organ and Bench
  • Homemade Brunswick Stew
  • Hand-Painted Santa Picture — purchase raffle tickets to win!
  • Household items from several homes

You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to shop, buy, and meet lots of new folks! All proceeds from the sale will go to the Haiti work team (October 12-19) from Wesley Memorial UMC.

Fundraiser August 25

silent auction

For the last 2 months, the kids at Wesley have been working hard making special crafts. WHY? Because there are people in our faith community going on a work team to Haiti. The crafts (and possibly some other donations) will be sold in a silent auction on Sunday, August 25, after worship. All of the money raised will go to support the work team as they head out in October to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

VBS in August

2013 VBS

All month long it’s VBS in worship! Sing fun songs, dance, and keep up with Cassie, TJ, and Jared as they go through a week of rock climbing together. Encounter God on a mountaintop each Sunday and learn how to live your faith. We’ll wrap up the month on August 25 with a covered dish luncheon. Bring your favorite food to share and enjoy some wonderful fellowship with our faith community. Stay for lunch and take the opportunity to bid on an item in our silent auction fundraiser, raising money for our work team going to Haiti in October.

Disaster Relief


With floods, tornadoes, fires, and soon hurricanes in the news, we all want to help provide relief for those in need. One of the best ways to do that is to donate money to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). 100% of what you give goes directly to disaster relief. You either can specify where you want your donation to go, or you can give to general relief funds, allowing the money to go anywhere in the world it is needed at the time. Check out their website at to learn more about where they give, what they do, how long they stay (as long as needed!), and how you can give. You won’t regret helping others to get back on their feet after a disaster!

Random Acts of Kindness

Don’t you just love it when someone unexpectedly does something nice for you? I remember when I was in 9th grade, going to the movies with a friend. We went to pay for the tickets and the guy at the ticket booth asked our names. When we told him, he said for us to go on in; our tickets had been paid for. Obviously, I still remember this act of kindness and still am touched by it.Acts of Kindness

On Saturday, July 20, meet up with folks at the church building in the morning to get some ideas for Random Acts of Kindness. Then we’re going to go out into the surrounding community to help folks — yard work, conversation, pick up trash, carry groceries, prayer, whatever someone needs and we can do, it will be done. Do you know of someone in the Hi-Mount community in need of help? Give us a call at the church office (919-828-4408) so we can make sure to get it done. There’s no charge for kindness!

That’s What the Man Said

cool Jesus

Our July Sermon Series is “That’s What the Man Said.” Each week we will encounter a saying of Jesus and how it applies to our lives today. Here’s the schedule:

  • July 7, Matthew 6:19-34 — “What’s Your Treasure?”
  • July 14, Mark 2:13-22 — “Shattering Boundaries”
  • July 21, Luke 17:5-10 — “Am I Done Yet?”
  • July 28, John 11:17-27 — “I’m a Believer”

Join us as we explore Jesus’ words for us today. See you there!